The Route

  • We have developed a 8 km lap that starts at the Festival Showgrounds, goes past certain key spectator areas (Cruise Café, Montessori school, Muse) and loops back to the Showgrounds
  • It is aimed at families, amateurs and professionals, so caters for all participants
  • It has great spectator value, therefor increasing the benefit to the Festival and Event Sponsors




  • 3 NEW OBSTACLES and some known ones….the “Bridge” is being revamped to make it more interesting
  • There will be a total of 8 obstacles, each designed and built to cater for the diverse entrants
  • Obstacles are meant to add a fun element, and create spectator points
  • Each obstacle has a “chicken run” for those who prefer to go around rather than over it
  • Each obstacle will become a special spot with music, even drinks and even food stalls
  • Key Spectator Points: Festival Showground, Cruise Café, Montessori School, Railroad, Wooden Bridge, Muse